Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Abhishek Bhat. I am an engineer by profession.  Working on small maker projects like these gives me immense joy and satisfaction,  which is why my profession is just an extension of the things I love to do.

Besides, my 10 year old self didn’t open up and break alarm clocks, or destroy a lot of T.V remotes to see what was inside! Just making up for all the lost opportunities…

My intention here is to capture the highlights based on the various milestones, and the roadblocks I faced, and next steps that I intend to take. I will be writing a series of blogs later to describe the work and provide the code as well as the implementation videos.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. HI, i did use the dagu rover with 4 wheel drive motor control. though initially i maneuver forwards and backwards. if you have code available we could share each other to make it better. Also, would like to do autonomous control of it. I have GPS module, never used though. will you help upto some level.


    1. Hi Srinivas,
      I can surely help you out.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the code for it,. I am using Matlab Simulink for developing the models.

      Based on my experience, I would recommend that you write your own code. For simpler examples, I taking an example code works great, but I struggled with making someone else’s code work for me for such an involved project. I eventually ended up doing many of the things myself since that allows lot flexibility and insights during troubleshooting.

      What kind of help do you need? I could point you to a few pages I used for reference.

  2. HI,

    Ok. your help on configuring GPS will be of good input for me. i tried but could not do it myself. also, share if you feel which is useful. are you converting matlab model to C to run.

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